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future of leather industry in China

 Leather is a renewable resource, and it is still the symbol of high-end products. As consumers like leather products more and more, leather industry will be booming for a long time. The market is still very good. Therefore, Chinese leather enterprises will further expand the market. Despite difficultes, exporters will seek market shares in Japan and Europe.

Part of the companies for products (fashion belt, garment leather, waist belt  lady belt, Shoe lining,coated leather,pig suede,men's belt buckles, full grain leather, men's leather belt, women's leather belt, embossing leather,belts for men men's belts leather belt, pigskin leather, cotton belt, ladies belts, wholesale belt, pig leather split suede braided belt, nappa leather, studded belt, embossed leatherwomen's belts, glazed leather shoes liningsplit leather) will shift production to other countries. Those that keep the leather business in China will increase the re-utilization rate of water and chemicals. They have increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility, and  improve the welfare workers and. To produce high-grade leather is China's enterprises further development.
In the next few years, China's demand for foreign high-quality raw hides,skins, finished leather, shoe material, environmentally-friendly chemical materials, environmental protection technology and equipment will further increase. Along with the rise of domestic demand, stimulated consumption based on more policies implemented, increasing number of middle-class consumers and the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for better quality, fashionable footwear products will steadily increase.







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