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Differentiation leading to a niche market in shoe and leather industry

       With differentiation strategy, North China enterprises come up with specialized shoes, with which you can walk on the snow with temerature under minus 120 degrees centigrade. Polar expedition cann’t miss it. In high-latitude regions in Europe and North America, this kind of shoes is essential in many families. The demand for these specialized shoes has been climbing. Due to the special technics though, there are few suppliers for them. Sticking to the differentiation strategy, some enterprises input talents for technology innovation on these items, which utimatly leads to a lucrative blue sea. 

Lots of enterprises have been tired of a bloody red sea competition in shoes, belt(cotton belt, fashion belt, ladies belts, waist belt, braided belt, men's leather belt, women's leather belt, lady belt, men's belt buckles, belts for men, studded belt, men's belts, women's belts, leather belt, wholesale belt) and leather industry(pig leather, Shoe lining, garment leather, split suede, pig suede, nappa leather, embossed leather, embossing leather, glazed leather, split leather, shoes lining, full grain leather, coated leather, pigskin leather). They are trying all the way to work on the products or technologies with significant differentiation. Enterprises in North China have been focused on the differentiation. They usually would deploy a team of talents working on the niche market, and adjust the production portfolio promptly. In doing so, they are able to raise the ability to work again the fierce competition and market fluation, and gain pleasant profit ultimately.  
 In a way, special products means a absolute market and emerging markets. With increasingly bloody competition, market shares are converged to those the large enterprises with much capital and technology and talents. The market space for low-end products are getting smaller and smaller. There is a certain amount of market demand for specialized products and few suppliers for them. For those enterprises in medium or small scale, it is a good choice to get engaged in specialized products or those with unique technology, crafts or technics.
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