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pig leather, shoes lining, garment leather, pig lining, wholesale leather, tannery, nappa leather, pigskin, men's belts, women's belts, leather belt, braided belt, cotton belt, wholesale belt, fashion belt

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Knowledge of natural leather

Natural leather includes pig leather, cow leather, sheep leather, horse leather, kangaroo leather, donkey leather, ostrich leather, fish skin and leather of reptiles, amphibians.

Leather includes full grain leather and split leather. Split leather includes pig split leather and cow split leather.

Of many varieties of leather,PJS OutletCheap Moncler Coatsjuicy couture Outlet full grain leather is one of the best types of leather because it is made of high-grade raw materials with only minor defects. The full grain leatherpresents the intact natural state of leather. It also presents the beauty of natural pattern.It is not only wearable, but also has good breathability.

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