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Europe urged levying anti-dumping duty on shoes import

Importers urged the EU to stop imposing anti-dumping duties on Chinese shoes. A European chamber of commerce urged the European Union on Friday, to stop anti-dumping duties on the Chinese and Vietnamese shoes. The European Union is discussing whether to extend the duration of anti-dumping duties.

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EU's anti-dumping measures require that imports of leather shoes from China are levied 16.5% of the tax, and 19% on the imports of leather shoes from Vietnam. This initiative has been the conflict between EU members. The voting can be from  two camps. One side is a Nordic free economy camp, and they stick to principles of economics. They strongly opposed to anti-dumping measures; The other is the Southern European trade protection camp, they are more inclined to protect the interests of the EU domestic producers.
Last year the EU decided to continue the implementation of the anti-dumping measures in order to spare more time for market re-evaluation. Over the next few weeks, the EU's executive members must decide whether to keep imposing the anti-dumping duties, and implement them in the end of year in 27 EU countries.
The decision would matter much to the development of the shoe industry in China. It will indirectly affect the development of leather(garment leather, split suede, pig suede, nappa leather, embossed leather) industry in China, which Taili Leather also pays high attention to.






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