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Taili launching belts for men screensaver

Taili Leather recently launched a new screensaver: belts for men screensaver. It showcases our latest products in the month of October: cotton belt, belts for men, waist belt, studded belt. You may click the following link for download it:

Belts for men screensaver.


Taili released Crouching cow mountain screensaver

In this screensaver, you will see rustic scenery of crouching cow mountain. Just down the mountain is the biggest production base for pig leather(tanned leather, rawhide leather, tanners leather, tannery leather, tanning leather, finished leather, leather hide, lining leather) in China. It looks tranquil inside the town, but it is the place where multi-billion dollars worth of business is done every year. The supply and production of pig leather in this town play important role in the industry nationwide, even worldwide.


Pig leather screensaver released

Today we luanched a new screensaver -- the pig leather screensaver. You will enjoy different kinds of pig leather for shoes, garments, glove, leather belts or leather bags. Next we will launch screensaver for full grain leather, coated leather and pigskin leather.


Taili launching screensavers

Taili Leather Co., Ltd. just put forward 2 screensavers showcasing its latest products, including full grain leather, garment leather, nappa leather, embossed leather, and braided belt, cotton belt and fashion belt. Around every week Taili will launch a new series of products and compose them into a screensaver. Customers that like fashion and leather stuff can enjoy the screensavers whenever they wanna take a rest in between the work time slot. Next week, Taili proposes to launch a screensaver containing the scenery of pig leather production base. "STAY TUNE"!!! Feel free to download the screensavers below:


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