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Knowledge of natural leather

Natural leather includes pig leather, cow leather, sheep leather, horse leather, kangaroo leather, donkey leather, ostrich leather, fish skin and leather of reptiles, amphibians.


Leather enterprises' paths to build brands

Building brand image and creating more business opportunities have become the consensus of the leather enterprises. Brands are increasingly important in fierce competition in international and domestic market. As a huge production base of leather around the world, China's leather industry has not yet fully exploited the brand value of leather items. Compared with foreign brands though,local brands can be futher exploited. China has abundant raw material resources, and leather production has a long history. There are huge demand of leather products in China. Since the market reform and opening up, China's leather enterprises have already a certain strength in product design and production. Zhejiang leather(leather sale,leather international,leather work,leather supplies,leather factory,suede leather,leather supply,leather wholesale,wholesale leather,lining  leather,leather hide,finished leather,tanning leather,tanner leather,tanners leather,rawhide leathertanned leather) enterprises have made achievement in brand building. They now make more effort on brand building in order to increase competitive edge!


Europe urged levying anti-dumping duty on shoes import

Importers urged the EU to stop imposing anti-dumping duties on Chinese shoes. A European chamber of commerce urged the European Union on Friday, to stop anti-dumping duties on the Chinese and Vietnamese shoes. The European Union is discussing whether to extend the duration of anti-dumping duties.


China's leather industry is recovering quickly

The registration of buyers in Chinese Leather Exhibition has not dwindled.

Chinese leather industry starts to recover. According to the survey in leather production base including Dongguan, Wenzou and Haining, confidence in the leather industry has restored. Production line on hold has been been put back into production. Domestic and export orders are on a rise. It is expected the the leather industry will see a positive growth in December this year.

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