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How is the trend of leather belt in 2009? (1)

Wide women's belts were in trend last year. Ladies loved to wear wide fashion belt (such as cotton belt, braided belt) to highlight their attractive body and slim waist. In 2009, ladies love to put even wider belts on their waist because they hope to bring forth a huge contrast between the fashion belt and their waists. Wide and tight belts were once criticized for affecting women’s health. The trend of 2009 perfectly combines people’s attention to health and beauty. The wide women’s belts are no longer necessarily tight. Some of them are just loosely hung up on their waists.

How we can maintain take care of leather goods and leather itself

No matter for the shoes lining or the leather belt, the basice maintenance is preventing them from going moldy. Mold is the main reason for leather getting moldy, and damp is the root cause of mold reproduction. Therefore, the leather (shoes lining) or leather belt should be preserved in dry area with good ventilation, and they shouldn’t get exposed to direct sunlight.


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