The output value of Wenzhou shoe mold this year is expected to exceed 5 billion yuan. It is a sign that the industry has regain strong momentum for speedy development. Many companies have received sufficient orders and production has been up and running 24/7.

The shoe mold industry started in the 1980s. There are more than 300 shoe mold enterprises so far, mainly located in Yueqing Baishi, Ouhai Wutian and Ryan shencheng. The shoe molds mainly include PU mold, TPR shoe mold, rubber mold and so on. We can easily find a complete supply chain from production development to product services in the shoe mold industry in Wenzhou. Wenzhou has become another World Class shoe mold production base after Italy and Taiwan.

Since financial crisis last year, Wenzhou shoe mold industry has been hit hard and experienced a sharp decline in products sales and market downturn and so on. However, shoe mold enterprises overcame the difficulties by looking for opportunities through the cracks, adhering to a flexible mode of operation, strengthening internal management, and fully motivating the enthusiasm of staff. According to statistics, we saw fell of 40% in product sales in Wenzhou shoe mold industry in the first quarter of 2009. But after the second quarter, the sales began to pick up, and it picked us even much faster in the third quarter.

It is expected that the output value of the entire industry this year will reach up to 5 million yuan, which exceeds the number of last year.

Taili Leather has gone through a tough time like most shoe mold industries in Wenzhou, but Taili stick to optimal production of pig leather, shoe lining, garment leather, split suede, pig suede, nappa leather, embossed leather, glazed leather, split leather, shoes lining, full grain leather, coated leather and pigskin leather, and finally the business gets back on track smoothly.