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It is high time that we get the name of pollution away from leather industry. We are heading towards the production of eco, natural, environment-friendly and green leather(raw hides,pig hides, wholesale hides, pig skin, tan hides, hides and skins, the tannery, tanneries, tannery industry,pigskin ).

Entrepreneurs of leather industry have come to a consensus that the pollution control technology is mature, and the cost of revelant treatment is acceptable. We still see pollution more or less in the industry because a number of corporates lack environmental awareness, coupled with inadequate monitoring in some areas. That said, the pollution issue in tanning industry has been greatly magnified, resulting in a bad impact.

It is the consensus of the entire leather industry to maintain ecological balance, the coordination between economy and society, and recreate a positive image of leather industry. This is precisely to ensure the sustainable development of China's leather industry.
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Starting from August, the leather market has shown a good momentum of recovery. Among most products, buffed cow leather is a hit product, dragging most attention. The buffed cow leather has become precious stuff in Dongguan and Guangzhou leather market. The price undoubtedly rose drastically.

In recent years, the market demand for leather for furniture and home furnishings has further expanded. Besides sofa leather, some other leather material is gradually used in tables, chairs, coffee table, bed, and even the floor. That said, it will no doubt further expand the leather market demand. One thing for sure is that with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the demand for leather for furniture, home furnishings and automotive will keep rising.

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Building brand image and creating more business opportunities have become the consensus of the leather enterprises. Brands are increasingly important in fierce competition in international and domestic market. As a huge production base of leather around the world, China's leather industry has not yet fully exploited the brand value of leather items. Compared with foreign brands though,local brands can be futher exploited. China has abundant raw material resources, and leather production has a long history. There are huge demand of leather products in China. Since the market reform and opening up, China's leather enterprises have already a certain strength in product design and production. Zhejiang leather(leather sale,leather international,leather work,leather supplies,leather factory,suede leather,leather supply,leather wholesale,embossed leather,lining leather,leather hide,finished leather,tanning leather,tanners leather,rawhide leather, tanned leather) enterprises have made achievement in brand building. They now make more effort on brand building in order to increase competitive edge!
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Recently, some 80 people from more than 30 representative enterprises from Wenzhou City flew to South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa to participate in the upcoming eleventh international trade exhibition for clothing, footwear, textile and machinery.

This exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions in Africa. It is held once a year. This time, the delegate from Wenzhou City has 68 booths, exhibiting goods mainly about clothing, footwear and luggage.

In order to effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, the fees for exhibition and the transportation of samples are on provincial bureau’s account. And municipal bureau also gave support for revelant expenses for corporate personnel.

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The output value of Wenzhou shoe mold this year is expected to exceed 5 billion yuan. It is a sign that the industry has regain strong momentum for speedy development. Many companies have received sufficient orders and production has been up and running 24/7.

The shoe mold industry started in the 1980s. There are more than 300 shoe mold enterprises so far, mainly located in Yueqing Baishi, Ouhai Wutian and Ryan shencheng. The shoe molds mainly include PU mold, TPR shoe mold, rubber mold and so on. We can easily find a complete supply chain from production development to product services in the shoe mold industry in Wenzhou. Wenzhou has become another World Class shoe mold production base after Italy and Taiwan.

Since financial crisis last year, Wenzhou shoe mold industry has been hit hard and experienced a sharp decline in products sales and market downturn and so on. However, shoe mold enterprises overcame the difficulties by looking for opportunities through the cracks, adhering to a flexible mode of operation, strengthening internal management, and fully motivating the enthusiasm of staff. According to statistics, we saw fell of 40% in product sales in Wenzhou shoe mold industry in the first quarter of 2009. But after the second quarter, the sales began to pick up, and it picked us even much faster in the third quarter.

It is expected that the output value of the entire industry this year will reach up to 5 million yuan, which exceeds the number of last year.

Taili Leather has gone through a tough time like most shoe mold industries in Wenzhou, but Taili stick to optimal production of pig leather, shoe lining, garment leather, split suede, pig suede, nappa leather, embossed leather, glazed leather, split leather, shoes lining, full grain leather, coated leather and pigskin leather, and finally the business gets back on track smoothly.
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No matter for the shoes lining or the leather belt, the basice maintenance is preventing them from going moldy. Mold is the main reason for leather getting moldy, and damp is the root cause of mold reproduction. Therefore, the leather (shoes lining) or leather belt should be preserved in dry area with good ventilation, and they shouldn’t get exposed to direct sunlight.

When leather (shoes lining) or leather belt gets wet with sweat or rainwater, you should immediately get rid of the liquid with dry cloth or tissue, then rub them clean with wet cloth, and lastly hang them up in areas with good ventilation.

If the leather (shoes lining) or leather belt got contaminated with oil, you should apply the mixture of alcohol, water and ammonia on a piece of cotton cloth, then scrub the stain out, and lastly, hang them up in areas with good ventilation.
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The colors of the fashion belts are also very important though. If you want to differentiate the upper and lower parts of your body with the leather belt, the color of your belt should be in strong contrast to your clothes. In the meantime, you may put on your belt higher than usual in order to highlight the length of the lower part of your body. If you don’t want your body differentiated significantly, the color of your belt should go closely with your clothes'.

When designing the leather belts, Taili Leather Co. Ltd. —http://www.tailileather.com follows the latest trend all the way. We would probe into what is in fashion and what customers need and care. What we usually do is subscribe lots of magazines with latest designs, and attend the fashion shows home and abroad. Our designers savor and try to catch the feelings of the fashion gurus in the world, and then combine some of the Chinese fashion elements in it. To keep sustainable in the leather goods industry, we attach great importance to the constant and speedy designs, which are the prime source of incessant development.

In time of the financial crisis, adding more values to your products and an effective way to bring forth differentiation of your products over others. By doing so, you may obtain unexpected earning and market shares from it. Sticking to the constant designs of the products against all odds is the best way to walk out of the negativity of the economic crisis fast and smoothly.
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Wide women's belts were in trend last year. Ladies loved to wear wide fashion belt (such as cotton belt, braided belt) to highlight their attractive body and slim waist. In 2009, ladies love to put even wider belts on their waist because they hope to bring forth a huge contrast between the fashion belt and their waists. Wide and tight belts were once criticized for affecting women’s health. The trend of 2009 perfectly combines people’s attention to health and beauty. The wide women’s belts are no longer necessarily tight. Some of them are just loosely hung up on their waists.

For the office ladies, they are mostly wearing professional uniform. However, some decorations may spice up their appearance, and a wide leather belt can be a good choice. The quality of the leather belt is very essential to the office ladies’ costumes. A wide leather belt in superior quality will enhance the office ladies’ styles and qualities. Those with poor quality though would negatively affect the office ladies’ tastes.
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Simply speaking, we apply some water on the the surface of genuine leather. The water will be absorbed in genuine leather and the surface will dry out in no time. If we do the same to leatherette, the water spot won’t dry out easily on it. By doing so, we can roughly distinguish them in the first place. If you scratch the genuine leather with your finger nails, the scratch will get lightened or disappear with your rubbing. However, the scratch on the leatherette won’t go away easily even with persistent rubbing.

You may burn a little piece of the material. If you burn the genuine leather, the burning smells like the burning of our hair. The ash left behind is fragile crumb. But if you burn the leatherette, you will see the leatherette shrink quickly and it smells like the burning of ordinary plastic. The leftover becomes sticky and when it cools down, it turns into a hard and stiff agglomerate.

In the meantime, as we may purchase shoes, leather belt, men's belts, women's belts, garment or glove made of pig leather or pig lining, it is useful and necessary to learn some basic skill to distinguish the pig leather from others. The pore of the pig leather is round and large. Every 3 pores will form as a team, in the form of a triangle. The face of pig leather is a little rugged, even after polishing or some other kind of treatment. It is usually more rugged than cow leather.

A piece of pig split lining. You can easily see the alignment of the pores
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Most people think pig skin mainly as an edible stuff in the first place because pig leather comes out as a part of pig. It is true that pig skin is served as delicious dishes in most restaurants. It is known as good food or element to get your skin radiant and shining.

With the development of pig leather making technology, pig leather is widely used in fashion sectors nowadays. Pig leather can be sliced in different thickness. For the leather of 0.8-1.0mm thick, we can make all kinds of gloves with them. When we set the thickness of the pig leather to 0.6-0.8mm or 0.7-0.9mm, we will come up with lining leather for shoes. Pig shoe lining is endurable and affordable. In most of the medium-end shoes we are wearing nowadays, you may easily find pig lining inside the shoes. The leather might be pig grain lining or split lining. If you are careful enough, you will find every 3 pores in the pig leather are sticking together. By noticing this feature of pig leather, you will easily tell if you are wearing shoes with the lining of pig leather or any other kind of leather.

Other than being used in gloves and shoes, pig leather is also used in garment, bag, belt and upholstery production. With advanced treatment, we can soften the leather and create different patterns for the pig leather as so to fit in every style of different products. We usually have pig nappa or pig suede for garment, as can be seen from the picture below.

It is fun and useful to summarize the uses of pig leather, which may probably lead to unexpected return and market perspectives.

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To most people, pig leather is simple stuff, but it is not easy to pick good one, For more info, visit us http://www.tailileather.com. Here are some advices as below:
1.Usually we purchase pig leather by square foot or square meter. The measurement will be printed on the back of the leather.
2.For pig leather for shoes, the softness can neither be too strong or too weak. If the pig lining is too stiff, you can hardly fold and stitch it when making shoes. If the pig lining is too loose, it won’t be easy to make proper shapes.
3.When choosing pig leather, you have to make sure the edge of the leather is not too thin compared to the center. Leather with even thickness is better than those with non-uniform thickness since the former is good for stitching and cutting.
4.Of course, the quality of the pig lining depends on the cost you bid sometimes. There are no fixed standard for these natural stuff. You need to balance the tolerance from your repeated purchases.
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Due to the financial crisis, the export of leather industry has not been doing very well this year. The export value has decreased for the first time over the last 10 years. Some tanneries have to cut cost or scale down their production in order to survive the crisis, waiting for the booming of international market demand very soon.

Pig leather industry is no exception. The production clusters have been shrinking and it is not hard to find drums stopping running for a while now.

Based on the analysis, we may find the problems of the industry: 1.) the excess capacity of some products, 2. ) frequent foreign trade frictions 3.) product mix is too simple. Currently, some tanneries just produce one or two types of pig lining, and no others. They never think of upgrading their technology and producing value-added leather with. Taili Leather Co., Ltd.-- http://www.tailileather.com. has seen the problem, trying to upgrade their overall technology and to extend their product range from pig lining, pig grain lining, pig split lining, pig grain liningbotas cuero and split rezined (glazed), pig suede and pig split suede to coated leather, embossed leather for upholstery and so on. In the meantime, it managed to upgrade its technology and produce high quality vegetable-tanned leather. To avoid the risk from fluctuating market demand, Taili Leather Co., Ltd.-- http://www.tailileather.com extends their products range to leather belt, men's belts, women's belts, fashion belt, braided belt, cotton belt, ladies' belts.

Most pig leather companies are highly depending on exports and are labor intensive. We are facing unprecedented challenges. As part of the pig leather industry, we should increase our competitive advantage with more know-how, try all the way to unite each other and take full advantage of our resources, in order to fight the hardship successfully.

You may find relevant information from:

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The other day, we talked about the changing concept of how poeple see leather belt. The demand of leather belt increases drastically. Seeing this huge demand, Taili Leather Co., Ltd. takes advantage of its connection in leather industry and the sense of fashion through its participation in different kinds of fashion show around the world. Taili Leather Co., Ltd. is also a tannery for all kinds of pig leather, including pig grain lining, pig split lining, pig split glazed(resined), pig coated leather for shoes, and pig suede, pig split suede, pig nappa, embossed leather for garment. We have a very strong connect in leather industry. We come up with high quality leather belts in all kinds. Every month, we launch new designs of leather belts, which have become our evident competitive edges in this industry. With strong OEM capabilities, we produce huge amount of fashionable belts for our customers based on their unique requests.

The leather belt, men’s belts, women’s belts, fashion belt, braided belt, cotton belt produced by Taili Leather Co., Ltd. are popular with customer from home and abroad. “Our goal is to create fashionable and affordable belts for customers, in a hope for the prosperous development of our industry”, said Mr. Chen from Taili Leather Co., Ltd.
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Belt has no longer seen as simple accessories on human bodies. Its function has shifted from keeping the pants tight to the symbol of fashion. In China nowadays, you may easily find ladies wearing very fancy belts walking on the streets, which has been a sharp attraction. It is no more surprising to know a lady or even a man usually owns more than 5 pieces of belts for different occasions. Usually belts include leather belt,men's belts,women's belts,braided belt,cotton belt

For relevant information, you may check the link out below:
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From January to May 2009, the industries of leather(including pig leather), fur, feathers (down) and the relevant finished products(men's belts, women's belts) were rather stable. The gross output value of the above mentioned industries reached 222.093 billion yuan, with an increase of 6.91% over the same period of last year. The industrial sales of these industries reached as much as 217.096 billion yuan, with an increase of 7.07%.
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Raw hides. To ensure consistant production, we have to purchase at least 25,000 pcs of raw hides every month.
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This is the split lining shipment in 0.6-0.8mm, brown color. The shipment was made on 27th of April.
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We were matching the color. As you can see, the colors of different parts of the pig leather are pretty even since we pay attention to the color uniformity during dyeing process.
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Pig grain lining, 0.6-0.8mm, brown color. This is from recent bulk shipment. In addition, you will see pig leather such as pig grain lining in other colors, pig split lining, pig split glazed / resined.
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This was part of our split lining(0.6-0.8mm) shipped early February 2008. The quantity is around 70,000SF. The substance of the split lining(no resined, no ironed) is 0.55mm up. The center and buttock are 0.6-0.9mm.
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